Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Behind every great family and home is a mother.

She who gave us breath, nurtured us when we needed love, and peeled the skins off every single grape in our snack bowl because we hated the bitter outside. Every year we are given the opportunity to pay tribute to our mothers, giving thanks for all that they have given, as well as sacrificed.

As children, gift giving for mom was done through the macaroni necklace we crafted through the instruction of our teachers. Growing up, we come to truly realize the meaning and thought put behind this particularly special gift.

At Lotus in Bloom, we've put together a few inspiring gift ideas that are carefully and thoughtfully crafted. More colors and styles available through our Shop.

For the Mystical Mother For the Sarcastic Mom

For the Pineapple Princess For the Spiritual Mom

For the Mom in Need of Luck For the Busy Mom

For the Mom Who Loves Flowers For the Animal Lover

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